i'm still trying

i haven't given up on the blog completely but it is still hard for me to find time to post. and if i find time, i have no clue what to write about.

since my last post i have become the target of a spammer that writes their posts in japanese, chinese, korean. not sure which language is used but i know i can't read any of it. so i am going to disable anonymous comments for a while. it isn't like anyone else ever comments.

so what has happened lately? i have met a woman on craigslist. we have exchanged a lot of email and we have even met once. our first face-to-face meeting ended up in bed having sex. we still email each other but it is still undecided if we will meet again.

i have found a new fixation. old style pin up art. i love the way the women are sensual and curvy. they frequently incorporate stockings and heels. anyone that has actually read this blog knows how much i like that. i have also found some newer variations but the old style still seem to be the best. vargas has no equal when it comes to this.

i am exploring the erotic comics but they tend to get a little weird. the enormous cocks, the monsters. not sure i like that and it is quite prevalent in them. but i'm still looking.

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