my first mfm

no, not male-female-male threesome. it is microfantasy monday from the sweltering celt. something new i have found that i am going to try and participate in on a semi-regular basis. this weeks theme is photos. Here goes.

photo in my head

the extremely high stiletto heeled sandal on the ground. the shapely leg showing out the car door. the blue silk dress riding up and revealing desirable thighs. the flash of reddish brown hair. the slender arm closing the door. the glitter of the diamond bracelet.

the door is closed and the car drives away. i'll never see her again.


Kyle said...

ooh, very nicely done.. I had no problem picturing that picture.. welcome to the Microfantasy Monday gang :-)

PapaTom said...

Excellent description - I could see it. ANd yet, how sad that it had to end that way