yes, it has been a while

my life is boring. i have started posts on multiple occasions only to delete them as being a miserable attempt at blogging. my life just doesn't have anything in it that is worth blogging about. but i am going to try.

the last few days i have been trolling craigslist personals. looking for something that would catch my attention. i replied to a few ads and even posted one or two of my own. if you have never posted a craigslist ad in the casual encounters section, you should do it once. just to see what kind of responses you get. for a man posting m4w ads, you get about 100 spam responses and another 100 responses trying to look like they aren't spam. it is obvious that they are spam because the text of the response has nothing to do with the ad you placed. (a tip if you do want to place an ad. ask the respondent to provide something in their response that shows them to be real and to actually read the ad. for example in one ad, i asked the respondent to tell me something to indicate their favorite local radio station. that ad led to the events of the next paragraph.)

however, i did get a couple of real people. the interesting part is that there are 2 women i am corresponding with that are looking for some "financial help" (read hooker). the sad part is that i'm actually considering trying to hook up with one of them. her prices seem reasonable. :)

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