still not dead

in fact, i'm feeling much better.

yeah, a monty python reference.

i have been very busy lately with my new job. i still haven't found a time to do the blogging thing. remember, i do this and do not want anyone i know to find out i do it. so it is hard to find a time. i can't do it at work because my new place of employment is one of those "open work areas" where no one has any privacy and everyone can see what you are doing. (so there is no way i can hnt surf or post). i am still trying to find a way to do this. i might have found a way to do it from my phone but that still doesn't make it easy to read blogs and anyone that has read my blog knows how i suck at writing one.

but i am still trying. so if you do actually look at this blog from time to time, don't give up on me yet. i'm still trying.

since it has been a while since i posted let me fill you in on what has happened in my life. i have a new job as i mentioned. i can't remember if i ever said what i do for a living. i test software. it is really not a bad job. i get paid to tell people that they messed up and then i get to sit back while they try to fix it. in the past 8 or so years, i have been in management. i really didn't like it but that is where i got stuck. however, in the last 6 months, i found a job where i am back as an "individual contributor" or grunt as everyone else sees us. i am no longer responsible for managing a group. i am just one of the people testing and being managed. i am loving it!!!! it is low stress and i'm good at it. i enjoy it. and the fact that i am happy at work has made me a better person all around.

as some of you will remember, i have a fetish for women in heels. well i am in f-ing heaven at work. the place is almost all women and they dress up every day. skirts, dresses and heels. it is a miracle that i don't walk around with a hard on all day.

so work is better and i am more relaxed. but guess what hasn't changed. my sex life. i still don't get it. actually i do but my wife and i had sex for the first time in 2 months last week. that is the average. about every 2 months we have sex. while i love my wife, 6 times a year isn't cutting it. i have to find someone and some way to have sex more often. if anyone has suggestions on how a mid-40's somewhat overweight guy can seduce a 20-30 something female into having sex with him in the freight elevator, please contact me. :)

this is probably the longest post i have ever done. if anyone actually reads it they might ask, where did you find the time to do it? well, the kids are in bed and my wife is out of town at a conference. this type of opportunity doesn't come along very often for me.

i am done for now. maybe i'll find a way to start doing this more often. i'd like to tell you about some of the women i work with. i'd like to get back in to tmi tuesday. and who knows, maybe i'll find a way to do a hnt post occasionally.

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Bunny said...

Good to hear from you and to hear that you like the new job!! That's great! My dad was an accountant in a middle management position at a major corporation. In the last 10-15 years there, he said if he had to his life all over again he thinks he would have been happier just working in the factory. Less politics, less stress, less taking your work home with you. Similarly, my husband is someone just not cut out for management. It isn't what he's good at and not what he enjoys. He's happiest with a thorny program to write and no other people to deal with. Just him and the code. I'm glad you recognized what you didn't like about your job and were able to get back to what you do like. We should all be so lucky.

Speaking of lucky, I hope you get lucky more often and I know you'll wish the same for me. If you ever get to South Carolina . . .