i just got paid for doing nothing

i got my first paycheck today at my new job. i have been here for 2 weeks and so far i have not done a damn thing. i work with 5 other people in a satellite group. the main group is located in nyc and all the management is there. the main group is in the final stages of a project and hasn't had time to do anything with us here. there are 3 of us in this group that have started within the last month. none of us have any current tasks or deliverables. it is getting pretty boring to do nothing all day. we are told that all of this will "change very soon".

interviews have been taking place to hire a manager for our location. when that happens it will change some things for us. but it will take a while for it to make a difference. any new manager will have to come up to speed and given the directions we have been getting from nyc, i don't think that will happen very quickly.

i think i am going to like working for this company. from what i have learned by talking to the people around, they all love this place. and almost everyone of the ~100 people at this location has said that it was slow to get integrated into the nyc group.

in the meantime let me share something i learned in my "spare time". many of you have email accounts with gmail.com. i found this article on the gmail blog that shows you how to use your gmail account in ways not available from other email providers. for example, ever wished you could easily tell which email was being sent by your lover in the mess of emails you get from your blog? i know a way. i would tell my lover to send me email at dareuu+lover.at.gmail.com. anything added to the email address with a plus sign (+) is basically ignored for the delivery but it is shown in the address. so then you set up a rule to filter on that email address. the article i referenced does a better job of explaining it. check it out if you have a gmail account.

oh, well back to trying to find something to do until it is time to go home.

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