does this really work?

i'm trying to see how the blogger feature that allows you to email your posts directly to your blog works out.  this is my first attempt at this so i'm not going to go too wild with it.  however if it works out, i might do this more often.  'i'm going to try embedding a link to another website:  my favorite porn star retired from porn a few years back.  i say she is my favorite because she is the only one whose name i learned and could pick out on a regular basis.  i don't watch enough porn to learn them.  if you have a favorite, post a comment and let me know who they are.  i need to find another to view.  if i like the way this works, i might try other things like pictures.  if i can figure out how to do that, posting hnt might be a reality.   bear with me as i experiment.

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