wtf thursday

ok, so not really a wtf. more like comments on wtf wednesday.

i realize that large does not exclude lingerie. believe me when i say that i have bought plenty of it. the issue is that she isn't comfortable with her body and doesn't want to wear it. and the bi-polar doesn't help with that. so buying her lingerie just makes her depressed side of the "polar" flare up.

bunny's first suggestion is a great one. however, i do that all the time. i do actually listen and give her things that she wants but i do it because i love her, not because it is a holiday. so doing something like that as a valentine's day gift is anticlimatic.

renee's suggestion of gift cards is a great idea but not for us. i encourage my wife to shop for things. if there is something she wants, she gets it. i do the same thing. we are good about that. we buy things for each other too. so if i find something i want her to have, i buy it and vice versa. we even do it with the kids, within reason that is. so giving her something so that she can buy what she wants is again anticlamtic. (btw, to illustrate this, on average there are 4 packages a week that arrive at our house from woman within, lane bryant, roaman's, etc. i'm beginning to think that we have our delivery driver.)

so tonight, my wife is going to work out just like she normally does on thursday nights. this is a treat for her because she gets away from everyone 2 nights a week and gets out frustrations. then she will come home and spend a couple of hours in the bathtub. it will be a typical thursday night. that is what she said she wanted.


Bunny said...

Good for you giving her what she says she wants. I hope she enjoyed it and that it results in some lovey-dovey feelings toward you that lead to a little something-something!

Vixen said...

Well if that is what she wanted, then you gave her the perfect present. :)