wtf wednesday

only one this week.


... do you buy a woman for valentines that is bi-polar, overweight and hates flowers? don't even think about candy or food of any kind. lingerie is just asking to set her off emotionally. flowers will only remind her how much she hates her mother(her mother is a horticulturalist). i'm open to suggestions.


Bunny said...

A night of doing things that she likes? Dinner, movie, play, full-body massage -- whatever SHE enjoys. It doesn't have to be on Valentine's Day. Make up a coupon redeemable when she chooses (with a couple days notice so you can make whatever arrangements are necessary) and give her the coupon with a small, cute gift, such as a stuffed animal or a DVD of a romantic movie or something. Or a spa day (or half-day) with maybe a massage, a manicure, a facial (NOT THAT KIND), or something.
Is there something that she's been mentioning now and again that she would like to have that you could maybe get her? That sort of thing requires listening, however, and you men aren't known for doing real well at that. Not a dig on you personally, just most men don't retain/recall those types of things.
Good luck, d!

Vixen said...

Bunny had good ideas. Dinner sounds nice.

Have fun!

Renee said...

I'm probably late, but I'd rather get a gift card to a favorite store than almost anything. That way I can get exactly what I want. And it relieves H of any mistakes in sizes, colors, etc.


Bunny said...

Don't forget that overweight does not rule out lingerie -- there is some nice stuff available at Lane Bryant or The Avenue (at least one of those has to be at a mall near you) in sizes from kinda big to ginormous. Just something to think about . . .