tmi tuesday #123

1. Which one turns you on more Ink or piercing? Why?
answer: actually, neither of them have this effect on me.

2. What ink do you have? If none, what would you get and and where?
answer: i have a blue pen, a red pen, a black pen and a number of white board markers if those count as ink.
answer2: none and i have no desire to get any

3. What piercing do you have? If none, what would you get and and where?
answer: none and again, no desire

4. Any other adornments you like to do for your lover or have then do for you?
answer: nope

5. Of all of the above is there anything that is an immediate Turn-Off?
answer: too much of anything is a turn off. i have posted this on my blog...i just do not get the attraction of tattoos. i'm not saying that am immediately turned off by them but i don't get the strange attraction some people have to them. the same could be said about piercings. it just doesn't make sense to me why people go extreme with either. i'd love to have someone try to explain it to me.

Bonus (as in optional): If money/work place rules/your life/whatever what ALL would you do to your body in the name of sexual or just general adornment?
answer: i honestly can't think of anything.


The Troll said...

Grrrherhahahahahaahaha! Good answers.

Bunny said...

You and me - tat free. Too much of anything is definitely a turn off!

Happy TMI!

SeaRabbit said...

LOLOL... What are we gonna do with you???
Hmm... If you are fine the way it is, I feel you found the right answer... ;-))and nothing more should be done...;-)
Happy TMI!