mfm - contest

the topic this week for microfantasy monday is "contest".

which one will be first?

i watch them together. her hands sliding across his chest. his hands on her hips. their bodies moving together in the attempt to achieve the goal together. but i can tell that they will not be together. one of them is going to get there before the other. i just can't tell which one it wil be.

her breathing is coming in gasps. her whole body is tense, her back arched.

his thrusts are urgent. deep and hard like he is trying to split her in half.

one of them will cum any second.

which one will be first?


PapaTom said...

glad you're staying with it. nice twist on the contest theme. And I dont think we miss the capitals at all.

Anonymous said...

A very interesting take on the theme. I like it. ^_^

Goddess Aphrodite said...

Short, to the point, and yummy....now I'm wondering who did....lol.

A. :)