i'm an odd in an even world's clothing

i don't buy clothes very often.  in fact, i buy jeans about once every 4-5 years.  i buy clothes and wear them until they can no longer be worn.  then i go buy some new ones.  recently, i had to buy jeans.  the ones i bought about 4 years ago finally got so threadbare that they developed holes in the crotch.  since i wear jeans almost everyday to work, i had to get some that didn't have holes in them.  so off i go to the store. 
i walk up to the jeans rack and decide that i really didn't know what size i should be wearing anymore.  after you wear jeans as long as i have, they tend to shrink and stretch to fit you regardless of the actual size.  so i grab a couple of pairs off the rack.  i get a pair that has a 36" waist and 32" length (gotta cover the gut unforunately).  i also get a pair that has a 38" waist and 34" length and head for the fitting rooms. 
/side track here
i can not tell you how much it bothered me when my waist size finally got bigger than the length.  it really hit me hard when that happened but i got over it.  eventually.
/back on track here
so here i am in the fitting room
/side track here
when did they quit being dressing rooms and become fitting rooms?  what is more politically correct about fitting rooms?
/back on track here
so here i am in the fitting room with 2 pair of jeans.  i try on the 36/32 pair.  damn these are tight in the waist and they look a little short to me.  off they come.  i try on the 38/34 pair.  crap, these can slide off my waist without even unbuttoning them and they are really long.  it is then that i realize i need a 37" waist and 33" length.  so i put on my other pants and go back out to the rack.  guess what?!?  they don't make 37" waist or 33" length.  they all come in even numbers.  this pisses me off!!!!  this is discrimination!!!!  so i am faced with either getting jeans that are too tight or too loose, too short or too long.  this really sucks!!!!
what did i go with? i bought too big and too long.  i decided it made me feel like i had lost weight.  :)

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