what it looks like in xml

here are few things that are represented in mark up language. technically this would be xml and not html because i am creating my own tags. but i think anyone savvy in html can get them too. can you guess what they are? i'll post the answers in a couple of days

<cycle>28 days</cycle>     (by the way, this one has a double in it.)

<trip>     (this is a greatly simplified example)
<li>get gas</li>
<li>get munchies</li>
<li>get music</li>
<li>go south</li>
<li>stay in hotel</li>
<li>go home</li>

<show>     (this could represent a couple of things)
<li>gun battle</li>
<li>car chase</li>
<li>science stuff</li>
<li>sexual tension</li>

that is enough for now. i might post more if anyone actually tries to guess these.

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