no longer worrying about valentines day

no, i didn't come up with an idea. i am just going to skip it. let me explain.

for the last 4-5 years, i have worked hard at making sure i did something for valentines day. know what my wife did? nothing. same goes for birthdays, anniversary and even christmas. this last christmas i bought all of my own presents. she did not buy me a single present. i bought them and then the kids wrapped them. they didn't know i bought them, they assumed mom bought them. but it was me.

i have planned date nights even making arrangements for babysitting. i've even arranged entire nights away from the kids. i have bought presents for no reason. i have flirted. i have seduced. i have done everything that someone who loves their spouse would do.

so, now let me list what my wife has done.


notice there is no text beside those numbers? that is because she does nothing. actually that isn't completely true. she has said no many times to just about everything i do. she has actually said she didn't want to go on dates when i made arrangements (babysitter, reservations). she has turned me down when i try to seduce her. she has actually yelled at me for flirting with her. she hasn't bought me a valentines present since the first year we were married. that was over 10 years ago. and forget about a present for no reason.

i am through trying. maybe one of these days she will notice and ask me about it.

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I feel for you. Makes me want to shake your wife. Seriously.