women, why do you do it?

women get mad at men if the men look at the woman's breasts while talking to them.  but they don't make it fair.
a woman will shop for hours to find that bra that perks up her breasts.  a woman will shop for days to find a top that enhances her cleavage or that will show her breasts "just right".  they carefully pick out pendents, necklaces, scarfs, etc that match their outfit and hang around their necks just so.  all of this draws peoples eyes to their breasts/cleavage.
then you get pissed at men because they look at your breasts first instead of your face!  political correctness aside, you suck but you have great breasts.

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I Smile 2 Much said...

I can honestly say I've never been mad about that. What for? men are visual. It's just their nature. They cant help it.

Thats how I see it anyways~