question of the week

it is times like this that i wish i had a larger audience because this question could provoke some interesting answers.  oh, well.  i'll just have to hope that the 2 people that visit my blog will answer.  and maybe those 2 people will suggest it to other bloggers and i can get a decent set of responses on this one.  if anyone should choose to steal my question and use it on their blog, i am fine with that.  all i ask is that you tell me you did it and give me a link to the post on your blog so i can read the responses you get.  i don't care about credit for the question.  i'm just curious about the answers.  
so here ya go.
question:  you just found out that your significant other has been having an on-going sexual relationship with someone else.  the kicker is that the "someone else" is the same sex as your significant other (i.e. ww or mm).  which of the following best describes your thoughts?
  1. oh yuck!!!! you kiss me with that mouth too!
  2. oh well.  guess they need a little of that which i can not give.
  3. oh baby!!!!  this brings so many ideas and options to our sex life.
  4. oh damn! where did i put that lawyer's phone number?
  5. [fill in the blank with anything i missed]


Anonymous said...

Umm, my first reaction is going to be go get tested and then deny all requests for sexual contact. Then I am going to call a lawyer. Then I will talk to them.

Given that this person has already put my life in danger (STD's anyone?) and potentially the lives of my children, that is something unforgivable. They can feel free to continue to have that kind of contact with this other person, while they are no longer living with me.

And it has nothing to do with the fact that my partner is having a relationship with a same-sex person. It is all about the breaking of trust between us.


Vixen said...

So. This would make a *great* topic for my CQW that I do weekly. I'm going to steal it and pose it this coming Weds, ok? I'll link to you and credit.


Anonymous said...

I feel a little guilty that I wouldn't have seen this if Vixen hadn't drawn attention to it.

I answered it in full on my own LiveJournal, but the short reply is option #2.