the economy hits

i know 7 people that lost their jobs during december and january.  one of them lost their job two weeks before christmas.  and these aren't people that were recently hired.  one had been employed at the same company for 8 years, next was 5 years, 2 years, 2 years, 2 years, 6 years and 12 years respectively.  two of them worked in software development, one was a project manager for a "major computer manufacturer", one worked for a large pharmaceutical manufacturer, two were teachers are a small private school,  and the was an office manager for some company (i have no clue what they do).  all of them said their "separations" were attributed to the downturn in the economy. 
and i have heard rumors that there are other layoffs coming from some of these same companies.  and other companies are "leaking" info to their employees that layoffs are coming.  not like it will help them much because there is no one hiring right now.  this is not the time to be jobless.
luckily, all the people i mentioned in the beginning had been with their companies long enough to get a severance package.  some of them are going to be better off than others, but none of them expect to be finding a job anytime real soon.
personally, the economy hasn't hit too close to home for me.  i have a job. i have no investments or retirement fund, so that didn't hurt any.  i'm actually doing ok, but it sucks watching what it is doing to people i know.

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