sitting at my desk

i'm sitting at my desk waiting on someone to fix an issue so that i can actually do work.  right now i am completely blocked from doing anything that this company pays me to do.   but as long as they see me writing an email, they will think that i am doing something productive. 
as i sit at my desk, i thought i'd put together a list of alias for the women.  not sure if anyone reading this will care but it keeps me occupied.
red - can you guess what color of hair she has?  she is an attractive woman and i have a distinct feeling that she knows it.  she isn't one of those women that flaunts it but there is something about the way she acts that leads me to believe she has this "i'm hot and i know it" thought running through her head.  she does have great legs though and i am always thankful for that.
stilts - not because of long legs but because she always wears heels and not short ones either.  i think the shortest heels i have seen her wear are 3.5 inches.  her typical shoes are a pair of black pumps with 4" heels.  while i like this, i wish she had better legs.  she is too skinny.  i like women with curves.  she is thin...too thin.
polly - for polly anna.  she just looks innocent all the time.  but she is also a really attractive woman!  nice figure (with curves), shapely legs, nice cleavage and she likes to show it.  i like polly.  i wish she sat closer and i had a better view.  she has the sweetest smile.
ll - stands for "legs and lips".  she has fabulous legs and the most sensual lips.  she sits directly behind stilts and catty corner from me.  i have a direct view of her legs all day and i am grateful. she likes to wear high heels also but on occasion she will come in flats.  
tdc - stands for "too damn cute".  ever known one of those people that are just so cute all you want to do is cuddle?  this girl is the one.  of course cuddling might lead to something else but this one would start with some cuddling.  she is attractive but not what you would call a stunning beauty. 
doe - have you ever heard the expression "doe in the headlights"?  this girl always has that look on her face.  but damn is she nice looking.  not beautiful but stunning.  she has a great body and dresses to emphasize her legs, ass and breasts.   which happen to be her best assets.  :)
that is part of the run down.  there are others but i'll get to them later. 
now that i've listed a few of the ladies i work with, i have to ask a question for anyone that will answer it.  how does an "older gentlemen" know if younger ladies find him attractive?  i am so out of practice that i don't know if i am imagining some flirting or if it is really happening.  tdc is constantly looking up and smiling at me.  she was the first of the women to talk to me and she has always been friendly.  but it could be just that...being friendly.   there are others that could be flirting as well but i'm really am not sure.  god i feel old.
and there are a few of these women that give me the same feeling i get when i go to a strip club.  like i am old enough to be their dad.  some of these ladies have just graduated from college and this is their first job.  hell, i graduated from college before some of them started high school.  talk about feeling like a dirty old man.  :(

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