sitting at my desk - part 2

angry - she almost always has a pissed off look on her face.  not sure why but that is her.  she has a pretty smile when she does smile.
glare - i call her glare because this woman has the whitest skin i have ever seen.  she must never go outside in the sunshine.  she is really nice looking but i have to wear my sunglasses to look at her when she wears a skirt.  (i live in the south where women very seldom wear hose/stockings.)  she is petite and shapely for a small woman.  and she likes to wear tall heels. 
milf - i do not know for a fact that she is a "m" but i do know that the "ilf" fits.  i know that is crude but if the shoe fits...  i think she is older than most of the ladies within my line of sight but she is definitely one of the sexiest.  don't know exactly why, though.  she is attractive.  she isn't anorexic thin. she has a nice body, nice shape, awesome legs.  she doesn't flaunt anything.  she is just sexy.
lacy - i chose this name carefully and i'll explain why in a minute.  she is asian.  she is young.  she is hot.  smoking body, dyamite smile.  fabulous legs.  but she earned her name "lacy" because of a particular pair of shoes she wears.  i overheard her talking to some of the other women about the shoes.  they could not believe she wears them.  she explained they were comfortable and that her boyfriend is 6'4" so she likes the height.  ok, the shoes are 6" heels with a 2-3" platform.  i have never seen these shoes on any ladies feet except for strippers.  and "lacy" sounds like a legit stripper name. 
smiles - she is pretty.  she is nice.  she is ... teeth.  ever known one of those people that had teeth that seemed too big for their face?  the ones that don't even have to smile and all you can see is teeth.  she is one.  it isn't that she is ugly.  it's just that i can't look at her without seeing teeth. 
wonder woman - she is our receptionist/assistant office manager.  she is a natural beauty.  hot body.  gorgeous legs.  beautiful face.  she is about 6" tall and she likes to wear heels.  so why "wonder woman"?  because of the amazon reference, of course.  come on, you should have gotten that one.  (/shakes head)
ok, enough of the list for now.  i might do more later.
i posted a craig's list personal ad the other day.  more because i was bored than anything.  i got 5 responses and 4 of them were from spambots.  the ad said i was looking for a potential friend with benefits (fwb).  one lady responded that she would like to know more about it and wanted to email a few times before we ever tried to meet.  since i had put that in my ad, i thought it was a good idea.  the next day she responds that "this was a mistake".  what was she doing reading craig's list personals and more specifically, why respond to them?  it isn't like she accidently did it.  i responded to her to keep my email address and get in touch if she changed her mind.  i also stated that i would be happy to be an anonymous pen pal because there is obviously a dark side of her that wants to surface and as most bloggers know, it is easier to do that with anonymous people than to do it with people you see face-to-face.  i hope she does respond back to me.
now for the ladies (or should say the lady) that might read this, help me out especially if you have ever read/posted a craig's list ad.  what makes you respond to an ad.  what makes it seem safe and legit for you?  leave a comment if you feel the urge.

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I Smile 2 Much said...

I was totally here the other day for a long time catching up on your posts and I wrote you a huge-ass comment and then I got phonecalls and stuff & I forgot to hit the publish button. Grrrr!

I've never done the Craigs list thing. But something that makes you stand out from all the rest is always a good thing. Funny*sexy or anything clever witty works too. :)

You work with a lot of girlies at your place, huh? :)