not all women but real close

the last couple of post brought a comment from a reader. to answer her comment, yes i do work with a lot of women. the ratio is somewhere around 3-4 women for each man. now that is not something i'll complain about. especially when they are mostly young women. this is the first job for a lot of them after they graduated from college. not all of them are that way but a great deal of them are.

this is new for me. working in computer software, i usually work with a lot of guys. there just aren't many women in the software development world. but this job is slightly different. i am still working in software development. but i am working on product used by this company and not software that is sold to the rest of the world. so the development organization is not the predominant organization so there are fewer of us.

i like this job. i am not in management so i don't have to deal with all the politics. i work on projects but i am working in an area where i am usually the only one working on my portion. as long as i get my work done, everyone leaves me alone. i like that.

ok, gotta run. try to post more next week.

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