left over christmas money to blow ...

i have a little bit of money i had allocated for christmas presents that has not been spent.  so i decided i would splurge and i am going to spend it on something near and dear to my heart ... sex.  i want to spend it on something that is completely and totally sex dependent.  the key is that it has to be something that i've never had or done before.  it is a gift after all.  it could be a toy.  it could be a membership to a sex site.  i have even considered buying a blowjob.  here is where anyone that is actually reading this can help me out.  i'm looking for suggestions.  here is some guidelines for your suggestions. 
  • the amount is less than $100 us dollars
  • whatever it is spent on has to allow me to keep some level of anonymity, or in other words i get to choose who meets the real me
  • it can be something shared with others but again, i get to chose who shares it
anyone have some suggestions?

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