wtf wednesday


...do men mean when they say a vasectomy is no big deal? yep, i had mine last week. dr. richard chopp (yes that is his real name) did his thing on my thing. the actual procedure took about 10 minutes. but the issue i have is how uncomfortable i have been ever since. the incisions are on the side where everything rubs on them. the swelling has been constant. and don't get me started on the razor/stubble burn from the shaving i had to do. if any man asks me about it, i'm going to tell them it is hell for a few days.

...do you do with bags of frozen peas that have been used as ice packs? they have been frozen/thawed/frozen multiple times. are they still ok to cook and eat?


I Smile 2 Much said...

LOL yah they're still okay to cook & eat ; )

did u stay seated and resting for the following so many days after with those peas on your crotch? i hope so.

cause...um, i dont think you shouldnt be swollen anymore if u had it done last week....

omigosh- you're funny though ; )

Bunny said...

Yes, you can throw those peas in a soup or stew or something and they'll be totally fine.

You should just go nekkid for a few days (the folks at work won't mind). That will help. Let the wound air out and clothes can't rub.

Bunny said...

On the plus side, soon you'll be to the point where you are supposed to masturbate a lot to get the backlog of swimmers out! That can't be all bad. Especially if your wife is willing to help with the task :-)