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today is a rant, ramble and brain fart day

why is it that health nuts all push exercise as something that everyone should do? and insurance companies seem to incourage it too. but let me ask you these 2 questions.

  • how many people do you know that have injured themselves why exercising?
  • how many of those people sustained serious injuries?

now let me ask this question.

  • how many people do you know that have injured themselves while sitting on the couch watching television?

just saying ...

and another thing.
disclaimer: this is going to sound racist to some but believe me. i am not a racist. end disclaimer

i am sick and tired of being politically correct. it isn't just political correctness regarding a persons race (as you are thinking because of the disclaimer). it is about everything. and i blame one segment of the united states population for all of today's policital correctness mess. (and here is where the racism could be construed). when the african-american [*cringe*] had their identity crisis in the sixties and seventies, political correctness began. now, don't get me wrong. i don't think anyone should be calling people derogatory names. i am not going to list any here because then my blog will get flagged and i'll start getting all kinds of hate mail. but because they did not want to become just plain "americans" we are now stuck with having to be politically correct. if a person has legal citizenship in the united states and uganda, i'd be more than happy to call them an ugandan-american. or if they have citizen ship in mexico and the united states, mexican-american fits perfectly. but if you only have one legal citizenship, then you can not be a -american. and i also believe that you should be required to specify which country you have citizenship in is your primary residence so that we can use it first, i.e. american-mexican. and this should be limited to countries. africa is not a country so there should not be any african-americans. similarly religion, sexual preference is not allowed.

and while i am worked up about the whole political correctness stuff let me lay this one on you. i am a hetero sexual, god believing, non-catholic, non-baptist, non-episcopalian, non-jewish, man. i like sports but am not fanatical about them. i like music, movies, cooking and books. i should be allowed to act like that. gay men get to act gay and if i say something about it, people start yelling "hater" or accusing me of being a bigot or guilty of hate crimes. but if i say something about not following the ncaa basketball tournament people question my "manlyness". if i compliment a lady on her clothing and say something like "a pair of gold slingbacks would really dress up that outfit" people start thinking i'm gay. i can't start yelling "hater" or "hate crime".

i am getting sick and tired of being the one that has to be careful about what i say and do so that everyone else will leave me alone. i want to be able to hassle someone that has dyslexia when they misspell something in a chat room. they get to make fun of me. i want to be able to say "oh girl" to a woman that is wearing white before easter. i want to be able to openly ogle a woman that walks by in a short skirt, low cut top and 5-inch spike heels. i want to be myself.

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Bunny said...

I could go on about the adverse effects of being a couch potato (Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, etc), but I won't. You know them. You know sitting around like a slug isn't good for you.

Any woman strutting around in a short skirt, low-cut top, and 5" heels WANTS to be ogled. Ogle away!

When people criticize your knowledge of fashion, just point out the male heterosexuals in the fashion world - Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein. There may be more, but that's all I can think of at the moment. :-)

But wait: You aren't following the big dance? You don't follow college basketball? Say it ain't so!