wtf wednesday


... makes people think it is automatically ok to shorten a person's name? for example, if my name was robert (it's not) and i introduce myself that way, why do people think it is ok to start calling me bob? i have one of those names and it drives me crazy. i hate the shortened version of my name! but everyone wants to call me that and when i correct them it makes me look snooty. take that into consideration when you meet new people. if they introduce themselves with their full formal name, call them by that name until they say you can use something else.

... do i have to do to make my employees understand that sucking up to me does not impress me?!?! i don't want minute by minute updates. i don't want to approve everything you do. i don't want to check your work. i want you to do the job i hired you to do so that i don't have to do it for you. the less i hear from you or about you from others, the happier i am to be your boss. that means you are doing your job correctly. yes, i've told them this. yes, i've even put it into email for them to keep and refer back to. but they still insist on wanting me to approve, review, inspect everything that they do!?! if i had wanted to do their work, i would not have hired them. take some f-ing initiative and responsibility and leave your bosses alone!!!


Bunny said...

I always presume someone's name is their full name, unless, for instance, William says "But you can call me Bill."

My husband has the name thing all the time. I call him by the shortened version of his name sometimes, as does his family and my nephew. But he prefers that everyone else call him "Matthew" and people are always calling him "Matt."

It drives me crazy when people shorten my son's name. He is David; never Dave. Even my in-laws occasionally call him Dave and I want to strangle them. My husband and sometimes call him Davey, but we are his parents - we can do that. No one else may.

In college a guy introduced himself as "Lawrence, don't call me Larry" the first week of freshman year. Right through graduation we called him "Lawrence Don't Call Me Larry."

My closest friend in law school was named Pamela. If someone called her "Pam" she wouldn't even respond.

No one outside family and close friends ever calls me by any of the shortened versions of my name. But the shortened versions of my name aren't as obvious as with most names.

I think workers today are looking for constant reinforcement and approval, that's why your underlings keep wanting to "show their work." Either that or they have no self-confidence.

SeaRabbit said...

I would love you to be my boss... But... I have the employee version... the less I see him, the most I know I'm doing well...