wtf wednesday


... is the deal with health insurance companies. i found out last week that if i go to a urologist and have him do a vasectomy in his office all it will cost me is my standard $20 co-pay. but if that same doctor chooses to do the work in a surgery center or hospital, it could cost me $700+. so i'm sure you can guess where i'm going to have it done. i'll update you on this later. i have an appointment with a urologist today.

... are people thinking about when they decide that it would be a good idea to put a ping pong table in a workplace? i work in a place where everyone sits in a wide open space. no cubicle walls, just desks arranged in pods. there was a wide open space at one end. so one of the managers decided that a ping pong table would be a great thing to put there. people could play and relieve stress, etc. of course he is a ping pong player. but what wasn't taken into consideration is the distraction it provides to people that are trying to work or that don't like ping pong. the constant "plink, plink, plink" is really driving me crazy. and that doesn't even include the "oh's" and "gotcha" and other crap that they yell. they had to move it away from the walls because the people that occupy the suite next door complained about the noise. so you think they would get the idea that it is a bad idea. but apparently office ping pong players are as inconsiderate as people that smoke right beside the door.

... (this is a why the f) do people at work always want to plan a group lunch on friday? it is difficult to get a group of people into a restaurant anytime but especially on fridays! it is always "let's get a group together and go ...". i hate these things because it takes forever to get seated and then you only get to talk to the 3-4 people that are around you. it would have been easier if the same 3-4 people decided to go eat lunch together. i just don't get it sometimes. maybe that is why i have no friends, just acquaintances.

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Bunny said...

We had the same thing with my hub's vasectomy - $20 to do it in the office. It's no biggie, really.

They used to have a ping pong table at my dad's old office. He hated that thing. He said the only good thing when their building was sold and they moved was that they no longer had room for the ping pong table. That would drive me insane.

People want to go to lunch on Friday because (1) they want to celebrate the upcoming weekend and (2) a lot of people get paid on Friday, so they have the cash to go out. They end up going in large groups because if just a few go it will look like they are excluding people and they want to be friendly or politically correct. I find the trick to Friday lunch is to go early (11:00) or late (1:00), if your office can handle that. Or have a potluck in the office occasionally where everyone can partake and mingle freely.