wtf wednesday


... makes people think that "reality tv" is entertainment? i am so sick of reality tv shows. give me a good old fashioned sitcom with canned laugh tracks any day. and most of the reality shows aren't real at all. survivor, big brother, biggest loser. those aren't reality. if anything, they are closer to staged game shows. i use entertainment to escape reality.

...(this is a why the f) didn't they think of this sooner?!?! nbc has started putting "classic" shows online for you to view. way back wednesdays provides full episodes of older shows for online viewing. the line up this week is great!! the only one i could do without is miami vice but the others are great! i might not get much work done today.

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Bunny said...

I completely agree on "reality" TV - purely ridiculous. Even American Idol has former professionals competing this year. (I don't watch it, but I read the news.)

LOL @ the thought of you sitting at work watching old TV shows instead of working.