fact or fiction friday

a study by a major university has found that using chocolate as seasoning on fatty meats can reduce the amounts of cholesterol that are produced. similar results can be achieved by eating chocolate immediately following a cholesterol laden meal but the levels are not reduced as much.

apparently certain enzymes in stomach acid react with components in the cocoa bean to create a short-term cholesterol blocker. however, timing is crucial. they found that eating chocolate within 20 minutes of digesting cholesterol laden foods can reduce the amount of cholesterol that will enter the blood stream. but once past the 20 minute mark, there are no positive impacts. the use of chocolate as a seasoning helps to deliver the chocolate to the body at the optimal time for breaking down of the unwanted cholesterol.

unfortunately for white chocolate lovers, it is not a viable alternative. since white chocolate is made from cocoa butter, sugar and vanilla and does not contain any of the cocoa bean it does not have the desired effects.

so as if we needed another reason for eating chocolate, here ya go.


Bunny said...

Chocolate-covered filet mignon? I'm in!

Peregrine said...

Great work.