it is february?!?!

it is february 4, 2008. i just got off the phone. i was scheduling an appointment to have someone come to my house in the morning and repair my air conditioning. why am i getting my air conditioning fixed on february 5th? because it is 80+ degrees outside and we need it! yes, on february 4th, when the rest of the country is cold, those of us in texas are having a freeking heatwave! i know, i know. some of you are saying "must be nice". but i think it would be nice to have snow occasionally. we get about 1 week of winter each year. sometimes it gets old being able to wear shorts year round.

so, go ahead and tell me how lucky i am in your comment. but if you do, tell me what the weather is like where you are at so i can live vicariously through you.

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Bunny said...

I have a foot and a half of snow in my yard, but only because a whole bunch melted last night and it's above freezing at the moment (36!!).

A confession: I bitch about the cold and snow, but I would miss the distinct seasons if I lived anywhere else. Shhhh! Don't tell!