i recently commented on some one's blog that i had a blog crush. hopefully i didn't scare her and it would be great if she actually read this post.

i have different degrees with which i rate my desires to read people's blogs. i'll start by admitting that i don't read many blogs by men. in fact, i'm don't think i read any blogs by men. but i digress. i have 4 degrees of fascination with blogs. i list them with definitions:

  • blog voyeur: these are blogs i visit frequently. i read the posts. i look at the pictures. but i never comment on the blog and i'll never reference them from my blog. i have no connection to the author, i just like the content.
  • blog stalking: these blogs i visit frequently. i read the post. i look at the pictures. i visit blogs/sites that are referenced. i try to get an idea who the person is that is maintaining the blog. again, i don't comment and i never refer to them in my blog. there is no connection to the author just a perverse interest.
  • blog lust: these blogs i visit every day. i read the posts. i look at the pictures. i look at the pictures some more. i read the posts. i fantasize about being part of their lives. yes, these are usually blogs that relate their sex lives and post revealing pictures of themselves. i might mention them in my blog. occasionally i'll leave a comment but only if i think it might influence them to put something else up. the connection i have with the author is superficial at best.
  • blog crush: these blogs are the ones i visit daily. i read the posts. i look at the pictures. i leave comments. i feel like i can relate to these people. these are the people that i wish i knew in real life because we seem to have things in common. i try to leave meaningful comments. these are the people that i wish would visit my blog. these blogs are the type that i hope mine will become.

so there you have it. my blog rating system. so if you ever see a comment from D on your site you can now try to determine the type of interest i have in your blog. as i say in my banner, i can not be held accountable for any emotions you have. i promise that i will never be rude on your site, so please afford me the same courtesy.

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~d said...

(I come to you thru Mojo___)
It is (not good) that you would have to put 'don't be rude' out there. (Sad?)
Are people rude? Hmmm. I like your levels of visiting=enjoying=liking.

I have never (really) evaluated who I visit and why. *However, I believe I shall think on this one.