question of the week

ok, so there are actually going to be a couple of questions on this one. but they are all related.

question: how big is a big beautiful woman (bbw)? what is the male equivalent of a bbw? how big can the male be?

explanation: i am not a hard body. i have a belly but nothing that i think is too gross. my wife is not exactly skinny either. this weekend, a friend celebrated their 40th birthday by renting a party bus and taking a bunch of us clubbing. i have to say that i felt really out of place. not because i was so much older. but because i was bigger. i really have no interest in sports so i am having a real hard time finding something to do that will get me exercise and help me keep my weight down. so, i'm going to take the path of least resistance approach and see just how much i need to do to. i know it is lazy, but hey i get to have a couple of vices. sex is one. the other is food.

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