my sex life needs something. i'm not sure what but it needs something. my wife and i have sex on occasion but it always seems to go the same way. i want something more. something from my wife. something from someone else. it doesn't really matter where or who. just that it is something. i guess i'm putting this on the blog in hopes that someone might actually take the time to read it and have some something to say.



SeaRabbit said...

Yes.. I do have something to say... I wish that if you go for this 'something', it will be with your wife... because, after all, when you married her, there was probably a big something, no? And... did you ever suggested her light bondage? It could spice up your sexual life in not long... ;-)Or, maybe just go into it, without warning... oh my God... This would drive me crazy... if I wasn't already in it... ;-)
Seriously... I know what you mean... because I often find sex to be repetitive and boring when it stays at the same level, pace, position, for too long... and I drive my man crazy with that... ;-))
Well... you have some imagination... let it runs free... ;-)
Good luck!

Valyna said...

Oh yes, bondage is lovely... or sex on the hood of a car when the metal is cool to the touch... or with a 3rd party... but then again, that is tricky territory emotionally unless you both are mature enough to handle it.

Good luck to you both :) I'm sure you'll find just the right niche to keep you feeling randy all the time ;)

D said...

searabbit: i hope that what ever happens is with my wife too. we are just stuck in a rut.

valyna: 3rd party could be tricky. not sure she would go for it and not sure i can handle it. seems like a lot of pressure. i either have to pleasure two women or out perform another man.