i'm sitting here at work, looking out the door of my office at a girl that is half my age. it is a damn good thing that i have a desk because otherwise i'm sure she would see the raging hard on i have. it isn't that she is stunningly beautiful. it is just that she is herself. she's cute, friendly and has a smile that can melt any man. and i really want to bend her over the desk and teach her a few things.

i know. if any women are reading this they are thinking "ewww. dirty old man." (for the record she is over 18 years old.) the difference between me and a sex predator is that i know i am thinking this, know it is creepy and i will never act. and to be perfectly clear on the matter, there is a redhead down the hall that is closer to my age that has the exact same effect on me.

but then again, at this point a slight breeze would probably make me hard.

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Anonymous said...

Been there, my man. Been there.