question of the week #1

i'm going to start posting one question a week. not that i actually expect people to answer it but it makes me feel better. however if you happen to see the question and feel the uncontrollable urge to answer it, please do. i will post the question and then explain why i ask. so here goes the first one

question: what movie line pops into your head for no reason? bonus points if it is one that is obscure and most people have no idea where it came from.

explanation: the line is "don't you hate perry's wife?". i can not keep this line from arthur (staring dudley moore) from popping into my head at random times. and often it makes it's way out of my mouth. everytime it does people just look at me like they are trying to figure out what medication i forgot to take. especially since i don't know anyone named perry.

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Mojito Mojo said...

Oh wow - that is a good question. I can't think of any tho right now, lol!