question of the week #2

question: dictionary.com provides this definition of fetish:

any object or nongenital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation.

given that definition, what is one of your fetishes?

explanation: heels. not hooker, platforms. just simple 2 1/2" heels will do it. i can not tell you why. as far as i can remember there is not a particular event that can be the trigger for it. but i can not stop the rush i get when i see a woman in heels. if they have bare legs and heels it does even more. mojito mojo had a hnt post that i can not get out of my mind.

now add a pair of stockings to this mix. a flash of stocking top, nice legs and a pair of heels. i will almost cum in my pants.

btw, if you would prefer to post links to pictures that illustrate your fetish, feel free. and if you want to post links/pictures that will satisy my fetish, i'm not going to complain about that either.

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