TMI Tuesday

i missed last week's but i'm going to post this week. btw, blogger is sucking today. i can't format and it won't save my html edits either.

1. When you are out in public, do you often get hard/get wet?
Answer: yes and if you want more details you will have to ask that as another tmi question.

2. When you masturbate, how long, typically, is your session and what do you think about (other than having an orgasm)?
Answer: 3 to 30 minutes, depending on my state of arousal at the beginning. i think about women (usually not my wife) i know and things i'd like to do with them.

3. What is your most pleasurable intercourse position?
Answer: when my dick is in a woman. DUH!! ok, to narrow down to one position. woman on back, me kneeling between her legs, holding her ankles in the air. works for both vaginal and anal while hitting all the spots for me and usually her too. also gives leverage for thrusting.

4. How often do you use the word "fuck" (or its derivatives) in casual conversation - frequently, occasionally, rarely, never.
Answer: rarely. only when necessary

5. Have you ever had a spontaneous orgasm? How when why where?Bonus (as in optional):
Answer: not that i know of. wait......no. still haven't had one.

Post a link to a picture you consider a strong sexual turn-on.

Answer: i'm looking. when i find one, i'll update. this is not an easy one to come up with. especially at work.

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