My first TMI Tuesday

i found a new site. i am going to try and participate on a regular basis. the site is TMI Tuesday. a list of questions, you post your answers and link them back.

here is this weeks questions and my answers.

1. Have you ever orgasmed sitting at your computer? What was the situation?

Answer: Many times and with different situations. It can be pictures/videos while I masturbate. It could be a story that gets me going. Probably the best time was when a girlfriend sucked me while we watched a movie.
2. Ever been sexual harassed? What happened?

Answer: i'm a guy. i wouldn't know if i was sexual harrassed. and further i don't think i would care.
3. Who is your hottest nerd crush?

Answer: max guevera (jessica alba) from dark angel. second place is close with dana scully (gillian anderson) from x-files.
4. Can a man have multiple orgasms?

Answer: yes but it takes us much longer and the older we get the more difficult it is
5. Is there such a thing as too much sex?

Answer: not that i have ever experienced

Bonus: Have you had sex in the last 24 hrs?



ZigZagMan said...

Welcome to TMI!! Good answers...:)

Professor Fate said...

Welcome to the insanity. See you next week. I forgot about Dark Angel. She'd (even a little Nancy Callahan) would give Milla a run for her money.

Happy TMI

The Two of Us said...

Welcome to TMI. Hope to keep seeing ya there (here).