Story 4 - The tape

You walk away from the door with a puzzled look on your face. Who would be sending you a package FedEX overnight? Must be important. You find the envelope taped to the outside and open it first.

"Be at 17430 North Elm Street at 11:45 PM. Wear only what is in the box. Use the enclosed key to let yourself in and take the elevator to the 5th floor. There will be further instructions when you exit the elevator."

That is all it says but you know who sent it. You open the box and start to remove the contents. Each item of apparel was carefully selected for you. As you look at them, you start to get excited. You look at the clock. It is only 3:00 PM.

You start getting ready at 9:00 PM. Your prepare carefully, paying close attention to detail. You shave your legs, trim the hair framing your pussy. You use the red nail polish that was in the box to paint your finger and toenails. You use the satin ribbon to pull your hair back. The red lipstick is applied (you notice it is the exact shade of the nail polish). The rest of your makeup is minimal. You slip on the black stockings, put on the black garter belt and attach the garters. You slide the black satin panties over your stocking clad legs and over the garters so that they will be easy to remove. The black lace bra is next. Then you put on the black thigh high boots. Looking at the clock you see it is time to leave. You put on the short red leather coat. It barely covers your ass. You smile as you leave your apartment.

You arrive at the address at exactly 11:45. You use the key and take the elevator. As the elevator doors open on the 5th floor, you see a chair with a note on it. Taking the note you read.

"Follow the hallway to your left all the way to the end. Go in the last door on the right. As you enter, walk to the couch and have a seat. I'll be with you shortly. You are here for pleasure. Do everything you are told and pleasure will be received by all."

You open the door and enter. I am sitting on the couch in the middle of the room. There is a single light shining in the room. It is shining on the couch. The rest of the room is draped in shadows. You walk to the couch and notice that I am sitting naked.

"Take off the coat." You do as you are told. Then you bend at the waist and kiss me deeply. I take your face in my hands and guide you to my erection. You bend and place the head of my dick between your red lips. You start to suck me and I just lean back to enjoy. I lose myself in the pleasure as you use your lips, tongue and teeth to give pleasure as only you can. Finally, I pull you to me and kiss you deeply. I tell you to get on the couch so that you are leaning over the back of the couch and your knees are on the cushions. Now it is my turn to pleasure you with my mouth. I move behind you and kneel. I start to kiss and lick you through your panties. I slide my tongue inside your panties and inside your wet pussy. I start to tongue fuck you. Your moans tell me you are enjoying this as much as I enjoyed your mouth.

After bringing you close to an orgasm, I ask "Would you like to be fucked?"

You answer ...."Please! Fuck me from behind."

I stand and slide my hard dick between your legs. I pull your panties to the side and place the head of my dick inside your pussy. I start to slowly slide in and out without ever pulling completely out. You start to move back to meet my thrusts. Soon we are both sliding forward and back hard and fast.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" We cum together and in unison. But we are not finished...

I pull out and turn my attention to your lovely ass. Again I pull your panties to the side to give me access to your tight, firm ass. I start to kiss your ass checks and then work my tongue down between them. I start to lick your ass, starting at the point between your ass and pussy, slowly working my way up. As I pass the anus, I slip my tongue inside. I slowly start to slip my tongue in and out of your tight anus, fucking you with my tongue. This always gets me hard and you know it. "Will you cum in my ass?" you ask, even though you already know the answer. I continue my tongue fuck until I am hard again. I stand and place the head of my penis at the opening of your ass. You suprise me by pushing back and burying me deep inside you. You hold there and let yourself get used to my big dick deep inside you. After you are comfortable with the feeling you look back at me. "Fuck me hard. Make me your bitch."

I don't wait to be asked again. I start with hard long strokes going in and out as far as possible with each stroke. You slide your hand down and start to play with your clit as I fuck your ass. Before long we are both cumming again. I fill your ass with cum as I plunge myself as deep as possible. You cum with me, your hand on your clit, three fingers buried in your pussy.

I come around and sit on the couch. You lay down with your head in my lap. We kiss and touch for a short time. Soon you take my dick in your hand and start to caress it slowly. As always it responds to your touch and you have me in the palm of your hand. You stand up and turn around. You sit down backwards on my dick. I reach up from behind and start to play with your breasts. You start to rock your hips back and forth letting me slide in and out of you. The mixture of mine and your cum has made you wet and I slide in and out of you easily. I slide one hand down and start to play with your clit while the other hand continues to fondle your breasts. I take your nipple between my fingers and do the same to you clit. I start to pinch and rub and your moans are starting to get louder and louder. I get harder and harder as I listen to your moans. Soon we cum together. This is the longest and hardest ever. We collapse together on the couch. Exhausted from pleasure. We lay together and rest.

After a while we have recovered enough to leave. You stand and put on your coat. I walk to you and kneel in front of you. I reach under the coat and remove your panties. A souvenier of the night. You leave and drive home, not wanting to stop anywhere dressed as you are.

You arrive home and walk into your apartment. You get undressed and hide the clothing so that your husband won't find them, just as you have before. You climb into bed and collapse.

The next morning you awake and walk towards the kitchen. You jump as you walk through the living room and your husband is there on the couch. He is watching a movie on TV. You look at the movie. It is a porno. A man and woman in a dimly lit room, have sex on a couch. Then you realize it is you and me. There is a box on the coffee table. Brian is holding the panties you wore last night. You don't know what to do!!

He smiles "I'm enjoying watching it on tape almost as much as I did watching it live."

Things will never be the same........

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AmyElle said...

I loved this, especially the surprise ending.