Story 3 - Sunbathing

this is a story i wrote previously as you can tell from the setting. i live in a warm climate but it isn't this warm anymore. read and enjoy.


I have been watching you lying by the pool. Your sweat and oil covered body glistening in the sun. The maroon bikini barely covering your sexy body. The more I watch, the harder I get. Finally you sit up, gather your stuff and start to walk back to your apartment.

I follow. You reach the door to your apartment and slide the key in. As you turn the doorknob, I come up behind you. I grab you from behind by sliding my hand around your waist. I put my other hand over your mouth and pull you inside.

"Don’t scream and no one will get hurt" I whisper into your ear. I put a bandana in your mouth and tie it tight. I pull your hands behind your back and you feel the handcuffs snap into place. I place another bandana over your eyes.

You feel yourself being lead into the apartment. I untie your bikini top and let it fall to the floor. You feel my lips on your breasts. I pull your left nipple into my mouth and suck hard as I bite down. My hands reach down and start to rub your pussy through the material of your bikini. I take you and lead your further into the apartment. You feel the handcuffs being removed from one hand. Then you are pulled down so that you have to bend at the waist. You bend as far as you can and feel the handcuff snap around your ankle. Another pair of handcuffs are placed on your other wrist and ankle.

You stand there, cuffed ankle to wrist, gagged and blindfolded.

Suddenly your bikini bottoms are removed. You are totally nude. You feel your suntan oil as it falls on your ass. My hands start to rub. I slide my hand down between your legs and slide a finger into your pussy. You gasp. I slide a second in and start to finger fuck you slowly. As much as you don’t want to get excited, you feel yourself start to get aroused. More oil is poured. This time my other hand starts to apply it to your ass. A finger is slid into your ass and then a second. I now have two fingers in your pussy, two in your ass. I slide them in and out in synchronous rhythm.

Abruptly, I stop.

Then you feel my hands on your waist. I press the head of my hard penis against your pussy and slide in. I push hard as I pull you to me and slide in as deep as I can. I start to slide in and out in long slow strokes. With each stroke I pull completely out and then all the way back in. You are getting wetter with each stroke and I can tell that you are enjoying it. I increase the tempo and start to pump you harder and faster. Through the gag, you moan and your whole body tenses as you cum.

I pull out of your vagina and place the head of my penis at the opening to your ass. I start pressing slowly, sliding in a little at time. You tense up, trying to protect your virgin ass. But I keep pushing and slowly you relax. I slide in slowly, getting ever deeper until I am buried fully into your tight virgin ass.

I hold there letting you get used to my penis filling your ass, then I start to slowly slide in and out. I never fully exit, always leaving the head of my penis in you.

I start to slide faster and harder as I get closer to my orgasm. Soon I can’t hold it any longer. I keep pumping as I fill your ass with my cum. I keep going until I am to soft to penetrate you.

I pick you up and carry you to the couch. I remove the handcuffs, then the gag. I kiss you deeply as I remove the blindfold.

"Hi honey, I’m home. Did you have a good day?"

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