as i posted before, there are some very nice looking women that work with me. so that i can start posting more about them and some of the fantasies i have about them, i'm going to post a list of codenames that will be used to refer to them.

climber - i call her this because she is definitely focused on climbing the corporate ladder. but i'm focused on her lower body. she wears heels almost everyday, has fantastic firm calf muscles and the tighest ass. she strikes me as the dominant type as you will see from some of my fantasies.

mom - i know that sounds sick to some of you but truth is she is one mom i'd love to fuck! she is not the model type but she is high on my list. she is sweet, has eyes that you can lose yourself in, nice hourglass figure and great legs. she is short and i have never seen her in heels less than 3" high. she has a denim skirt that buttons all the way up the front that she wears with the bottom 3-4 buttons undone. men, if you like that sexy glimpse of thigh, then you would love this woman.

ndn - she is the newest member to my fantasy crew. petite, fit and totally professional. but she likes to wear sweaters and shirts that fit tight and have a low neckline. her breasts are pert and the cleveage shots she gives are nice. and she wears heels a lot as well.

3 amigos - these are 3 women are seen together frequently. all 3 of them are hot in their own ways. ba has a great body, always wears at least 3" heels and dresses in a way that is professional but proves that there is a hot sexy body underneath. she is the owner of the green thong i posted about previously. sultry voice, nicely proportioned breasts, and erection provoking legs. ca has long curly hair, hourglass figure, breasts that beg to be touched and a mouth that has inspired more than one fantasy. and yes, she wears heels frequently which helps to accentuate her ass. sa is model beautiful but more approachable. she is the one i know least of all but i have ogled her from afar for a while now. there is nothing that stands out about her, she is just a beautiful complete package. but she fits the criteria because she only wears flats about once every couple of weeks.

that is enough for now. i might add a couple of more to the group in the future but for now, i need to wrap this up.

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