Green thong

last wednesday i was trying to wrap up a couple of things at work before heading out for the holiday. One of the projects that i am working on has a very attractive project manager. i've told you about the "women in heels" here and she is one of them. as part of the wrap up, i went to her desk to give her a status of my work on the project. she does not have a side chair at her desk so most people just stand beside or sit on the end of her desk. as i am there talking to her, she slides down and slouches in her chair as she types on her computer. as she does this, her shirt slips out from where she had it tucked into her pants just a little bit. but that little bit is enough to show me a very pretty green lace thong. pair this with the 3.5 inch heels she was wearing and i get very close to a sexual harassment suit.

as much as i hate the job i have to do here, i love the women that i am working with. i think for my next post i'll give some pseudonyms to the women in heels so that anyone that might be reading this can follow along over time.

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