is this normal?

ever since i posted earlier today, i've had the "list" running through my head. there is one woman that keeps popping into my head as a possible addition. but i can't come up with a reason why. so, i pose this question to anyone that might read this and feel like responding.

have you ever known someone you'd really like to fuck for no reason?

she isn't necessarily pretty but she isn't ugly. she isn't sexy or seductive but i'm attracted. she does nothing or has nothing that i can say is the reason. but i'd really like to taste her. to know whether she is quiet or vocal. to know whether she shaves, trims or has a natural bush on her vagina. i'd like to know if she likes to be on top. does she like the taste of cum? how about the taste of herself on my lips or my cock? is she kinky? i really want to know.

is this normal or am i a deviant?

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