Story 2 - Stressed

I have been frustrated and stressed at work. I walk into the room in a bad mood, but horny as hell. I see you sitting in the chair and decide to take it out on you.

I walk across the room and stand in front of you. I unzip my pants, "Suck my dick" I say forcefully. You comply. You take me into your mouth start to suck me as only you can. I let you suck me until I am fully erect, and then for a little longer just because it feels so good. Then I tell you stand up. You do as you are told. I take your hand and lead you behind the chair and bend you over the back of the chair. I yank your pants down to your ankles in one sudden motion. I grab your panties by the waistband and rip them off of you. Then in one sudden hard move, I slam my dick deep inside your pussy. I start to pump in and out of you, fucking you hard and fast. I cum deep inside you and pull out.

Then I sit on the floor behind you. "Play with your self. Finger fuck yourself until you cum". You again do as you are told and and I watch you as you bring yourself to an orgasm. Your cum and mine is running down the inside your thighs. Watching you has made me hard again.

I kneel behind you, spread your ass cheeks, and start to tongue fuck your tight ass to get it wet. After your ass is wet with my saliva, I stand up and press my dick against your ass. This time I slam my dick deep inside your ass. I pump you hard and fast and you can feel my balls as they slap against your pussy lips. I cum once again, filling your ass with my hot cum. Once again I pull out and sit on the floor.

"Do it again. Make yourself cum." Again I watch from behind and below as you play with your pussy until you cum. Now our cum is running down your thighs in mass. Once again I am hard.
I tell you to turn around and kneel. I walk in front of you and place my dick on your lips. "Suck me. Make me cum". You take me in your mouth and suck my dick like your life depended on it. I start to pump my hips, fucking your mouth. You keep sucking. I can feel the head of my dick as it presses against the back of your throat. I start to cum. Your mouth fills with my cum and some of it starts to run down your chin. Totally exhausted, I lay down on the floor and go to sleep.

I wake up later and you are laying on the floor next to me asleep. My cum is still all over your body. My mood has changed and I pick you up and take you to the bathroom and clean you up. Then we go to the bed and make long, soft, gentle love until the sun comes up.

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