Story 1 - One new message

From my desk I can see the woman across the hall.

Tammie is a very attractive woman that doesn't flaunt her good looks. She dresses conservative and is one of the smartest ladies I have ever known. I enjoy working with her and we frequently spend hours together in her office, or mine, discussing the latest problem to arise.

I have secretly admired her for quite a while. She is happily married and so am I so we have never discussed anything sexual. One day, I was sitting in my office, looking across the hall as Tammie walked into her office. This day she was wearing a mid-thigh length straight skirt with small back slit and short-heeled pumps. Her sweater was not tight but it did hint at the cleavage underneath. As she walked through the door, she dropped her notebook. As she bent over to get it, her skirt rides up and I saw the top of her lace stockings. I kept watching as she walked to her desk. I couldn't take my eyes off of her ass. I have a real fetish for women in short skirts, stockings and heels. As she walked to her desk I notice for the first time that she had rearranged the furniture in her office. She sat down and started to mess with the pile of paper on her desk. I however couldn't take my eyes off of her legs and notice that I have a straight shot up her skirt. Suddenly she raised her eyes to mine. I was BUSTED!!!!

I turn about 14 shades of red and quickly avert my eyes. I start to mess with the paper on my desk this time. The rest of the day I try to avoid Tammie. I am just too embarrassed.

The next day, I have to go straight to a meeting instead of going to my desk. By the time I get to my desk it is already 10:00. I start my computer and open my email. The first message in the list is an urgent message from Tammie. I am afraid to open it. With great reluctance, I open it. All it says is..."Turn and look at me".

I do as it says. Tammie is sitting at her desk. Today she is wearing a short black sweater dress, hose and patent leather high heels. As I look, she smiles and crosses her legs. As her legs cross, the dress slides up and her lace top thigh highs are exposed. She smiles and starts to type.

"You have one new message" appears on my screen.

I open the message. "I am wearing a pair of black lace panties. Want to see them?"

I turn and nod. She opens her legs and slides the dress up her thighs. I get the first look at her lovely shaved lips through the thinnest pair of panties I have ever seen. By now my dick is extremely hard.

"You have one new message".

"Are you hard yet? Show me". I unzip my pants and pull out my very hard cock. There is a spot of pre-cum on the tip.

"You have one new message"

"Want to see me cum? I want to see you." I just nod. She slides her finger inside her and starts to massage her clit. I start to stroke myself. We continue ... me watching her hand, her watching mine ... matching stroke for stroke. I can't take it anymore. I can feel myself starting to cum and I tense up. I raise my shirt and start to shoot my cum all over my stomach. She tenses and I can even tell from here that she is cumming. We both sit for a few minutes and recover before we straighten our clothes and head towards our respective bathrooms to clean up. I return to my desk first and send her message. "Again tomorrow?" I get no answer.

Instead, I get a notice from our scheduling system that I have been invited to a meeting in conference room 215 tomorrow at 2:00. Tammie invited me. There are no other attendees.

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