another day

another day. i sit here and try to come up with something to write that i think someone might actually find interesting. then i come to realization that i don't really care if anyone finds it interesting. if someone reads my blog and doesn't like it, they can just hit the "next blog" link at the top and find something else.

so what makes people write blogs anyway. in my case it is because i have certain persona that i have hidden for years and this is the only way i can let it surface. my acquaintances and colleagues know me to be a fairly laid back, somewhat business conservative. however inside i'm probably closer to a sex addict. no, that isn't right. just more of sexual deviant than i have ever been willing to represent outwardly. i have never done anything seriously illegal. sure, i speed and i get creative with my tax return, but not anything wildly illegal. however, i have some thoughts, dreams and images about women i have met that if acted upon would have me in jail for a long time.

there are a few women that i work with that constantly take me to those places in my head. i have a fetish for women that wear high heels. i'm not talking stripper platforms. just 3" or higher. and if they have great legs and wear skirts frequently, i really like it. i work in an office that has a really casual dress code. but there is a group of women here that like to dress nicely. and i appreciate it greatly. one of the ladies has the best legs i have ever seen and she likes to wear tall spike heels. i know she has caught me looking at her. there have been a few times that she has actually shifted in her seat to give me a better view of her legs. today it happened.

i was sitting in a conference room with a bunch of people. her cubicle is outside the room. the room has a big window as one wall. i was sitting towards one end of the conference table and if i looked to my right i had a direct line of sight into her cube. she has on a straight black skirt that falls about 2 inches above her knees. when she sits, it rides up above mid-thigh. since we live in a warm climate she is not wearing any hose. her shoes are black probably 4" spiked pumps. so, as i sit in the conference room, i stare out the window at her. she is talking on the phone and turns towards me. she looks me straight in the eye and smiles. then she turns just slightly so that i get a little bit more of a profile and crosses her legs so that i get a real good view. she quits looking at me but she and i both know that she is showing off. i for one am not going to complain.

i have to admit i find myself in a quandry. i really enjoy that she likes to entertain the voyeur in me. but now i have to control the deviant in me from trying to get to go further. what to do?

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