i hate this job but love the women!

i have revealed my "obsession" with women in heels. i have also mentioned that there are a few women that work here that i lust over. today as i walked into the building from the parking garage, i was in heaven. there were 3 women walking in front of me. one of them had on a short skirt and a pair of boots with 3" heels. another had on a short skirt and pumps. the third (and definitely the best) had on a dress with a pair of 3.5" spike heeled sling-backs. she has fantastic legs...calf muscle definition without it being too much like a body builder. and her ass is tight!! as we walked towards the building i literally got an erection. and the great thing is that i will be working with her today on a project so i get to see those legs all day long! the bad thing is that i will be day dreaming about having those legs wrapped around me and fantasizing about the lingerie she is wearing underneath that dress.

today is going to be a day of mixed emotions.

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Al Sensu said...

I understand your predicament, brother. I have several hot women who work for me and I have to, legally, morally and for good business practice, turn off any external signs of what might be going on in my other brain. I hired them because they are best at what they do. Hotness was just a plus, but it comes with the caveat -- keep your enjoyment to yourself.