i'm not dead, just been busy

i haven't abandoned the blog, i've just been too busy to do any posting. my current job has had me working long days and weekends too. but all of that is about to change!!!

i accepted a new job today. less hours, less responsibility and more money. how sweet is that?!?!? and when i say "less responsibility" that is not a bad thing. my current job has a lot of responsibility but none of the authority. i have the title of manager here but none of the authority to make any managerial decisions. just the responsibility to take the blame when something goes wrong. my new job has no managerial responsibility. i am going to be an individual contributor again! i'm actually looking forward to it. and like i said, they are paying me more to do the individual contributor job than these people pay me to be a "manager".

btw, i haven't told my current employer yet. you get the news before they do. i will be telling them the news later today, closer to quitting time. :) wish me luck

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