i'm not dead yet

really. i'm feeling much better now.

seriously, i am still alive and i have not abandoned the blog. i have been extremely busy. and i'm going to share a little about my real life. i've said that i work in the computer industry testing software. what i never really said (at least i don't think i did) is that the software i test are video games. i manage a team (currently numbering 15 people) that test for an digital entertainment company. we are currently building a couple of massively multiplayer online (mmo) games. one of them was recently released for beta. i don't want to put the link to the game site here because it would raise my blog up so that people here would find it. however, if you want to know more about it, leave me a comment or shoot me an email. my email is dareuu.at.gmail.com. i will say that the game is not your usual mmo. this is a game targeted at the 8-14 year old range. it is a kid's game that adults will enjoy. it isn't meant for the hardcore gamers. it is more of a casual game but some hardcore gamers have said how much they are enjoying playing it.

i hope to get back to blogging more often. and i also hope to get back to visiting blogs soon.

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