friday brain fart

i have been swamped at work lately and have not had time to do any blogging. so today while i wait for the coffee to get ready, i thought i'd toss something up. it is going to be random stuff but then when have i not done things that way?

i work on the second floor of a building. the main atrium is open up to the third floor. i have to walk around the opening on the second floor to reach the office suite that i work in. on the first floor there is an office that has their receptionist sitting at a desk right beside their door and directly in front of a floor to ceiling window. i love this because every morning, i get a gratuitous cleveage shot as i walk in. she wear clothes are that tasteful but offer great cleavage shots from above. i hope she never stops working there.

the people i work with have a real hard time making up their minds. there are a group of "leads" that asked me to help them out with some workflow stuff that they do. i have to do the same stuff so we all got together and decided that it would be better if we didn't all try to do it. (what a novel concept). so i got *lucky* enough to be the one picked to this task for everyone. it involves assigning trouble tickets to various people so that the work gets done and nothing sits un-noticed for any length of time. i started it this week, tuesday to be exact. i come in to work this morning to find an email from one of their assistants saying that i wasn't doing it right for their group and he copied his boss. the email was worded in a way that indicated the boss had told the assistant to send it. why he couldn't send it is beyond me. the thing that really irks me about it is that i'm using the exact "rules" i was given from the boss to do the ticket assignments. this has nothing to do with me doing it wrong. it is all about him losing some control. and he was the one complaining the loudest about having to do this and how if i did it for him "it would save him lots of time so that he could get other things done". i sure hope he doesn't expect me to do him any more favors.

and to complete this post, i had sex with my wife last night. first time in about 2 months but it happened.


Bunny said...

Yay sex! Boo other stuff!

Bunny said...

Oh and Yay cleavage too!

I Smile 2 Much said...

in 2 months? wow. that sounds like some MUCH*NEEDED stuff. says me. but what do i know?! yah, i know. i dunno much.

maybe your boss needs to get lucky. hmmmm..... yah maybe thats it? ; )