wtf wednesday


... (this is a why the f) do cars windshield washers spray over the car? i hate it when i am driving down the road and the car in front of me decides to use their windshield washer to clean their windshield. every time this happens, the water ends up on my windshield! i don't know if it is the aerodynamics of the way cars are made these days or if they spray spouts are aimed to high, but i hate it!

... (this is another why the f) did i decide this would be a good idea? it isn't easy coming up with 2 or more wtf's each week. when i started doing this i thought to myself "piece o' cake" and promised myself that i would have at least 2 per week. now i'm thinking to myself "you don't have enough strong opinions on things to come up with this many wtf moments". but i shall persevere and continue on. if you have anything that you think i could make a wtf moment out of feel free to leave me a comment. in the meantime i'll try to get stronger in my convictions.

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