fact or fiction friday

i'm going to pull from something i've seen others do on their websites. it is called "five fact friday". the difference here is that these may be facts or they may be fiction. they could be a mixture of the two. you decide. and if you are curious about any of them, leave me a comment. i might actually respond and let you know the truth.

  • i still pick my nose. i don't eat the booger but i find it strangely calming to roll it into a ball.
  • i have a bad sense of smell. unless the fragrance/odor is really strong, i can't detect it. it really sucks because i love to cook but i can't always smell the dish.
  • at night when i am trying to get to sleep, i have a trick i use to get my mind off of the things going on in my life. i started it when i was in college back in the mid-80's. (yeah, i'm that old). i start thinking about a single subject and it has been the same subject for the last 20-something years. it is completely fictional and will most likely never come true. i'm not going to tell you what it is but it isn't sexual. this helps me to get myself away from the daily grind and the problems of real life. i can relax and fall asleep. often i'll dream something related to the thoughts. i know it sounds corny but it works.
  • i learned to kiss from a girl that was 8 years older than me. i was 10 years old and this girl asked me if i wanted to learn how to kiss. i have no idea why she asked or even why i said yes but she taught me how to kiss. she taught me what girls like in a kiss and explained to me how to tell if a girl was enjoying it. i really think she is the reason i became so oral. yes she was cute and she was popular too. she was the big sister of one of my friends. i have no idea what happened to her. today she would probably be called a child predator.
  • my mp3 player has these songs on it. it isn't a complete list, just a few of the 428 songs i carry.
    • mowtown philly by boyz to men
    • a taste of honey by herb albert and the tijuana brass
    • behind these hazel eyes by kelly clarkson
    • freeze frame by j geils band
    • mr bojangles by nitty gritty dirt band
    • i woke up in love this morning by the partridge family
    • hit me with your best shot by pat benatar
    • another brick in the wall part 2 by pink floyd
    • i'm too sexy by right said fred
    • somebody's watching me by rockwell
    • walk this way by run-dmc featuring aerosmith
    • give a little bit by supertramp
    • pump up the jam by technotronic
    • red light special by tlc
    • the hairbrush song from veggietales
    • legs by zz top


Mojito Mojo said...

Oh I'm sure she would get thrown in jail for that! I, ummm...had to skip over #1 tho.

Bunny said...

The hairbrush song from veggie tales? Really? Well, I sing the Wonder Pets song with my daughter several times a day, so I guess I'm not really one to talk . . .

Boogers are tasty! Green are way better than yellow and the best are combo texture - juicy, crunchy, and chewy all in one booger. Yum!

(Fact or fiction?)