wtf wednesday

trying to make this a weekly thing


... is so important about projecting who is winning an election? can't we just wait until everything is counted and announce it then? it would make things much more exciting and suspenseful. look at movies for example. you don't see someone running around the theater about 10 minutes into the movie asking you who you think will be alive at the end.

... (this is a why the f) does starbucks close? if i am still awake at 3:00 am and want a grande caramel macchiato with an extra shot of caramel no whip cream, i should be able to get one. but no!!! all the starbucks in the areas that i roam close around 10:00 pm. come on?!?!? coffee helps you stay awake. let the employees have some free product and stay open 24-hours. ihop can do it, why can't starbucks?

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Bunny said...

Totally agree on both

Happy Wednesday (a day late)!!